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Metarea VR is now available to trade on Pancakeswap! Join the revolutionary project that will transform workspace experience into a whole new level in metaverse! Further information is available below!


Metarea VR Contract Address:

New Token Name: METAREA VR

New Contract Address: 0x04795DF826626b7762a91C055a08f101B647ceDe
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Decimals: 18
Ticker: METAVR

Metaverse Ecosystem Metarea VR

When it comes to workspaces the world enters a hybrid and virtual era. Metarea VR offers a unique solution on metaverse by providing an all-in-one workspace tool includes virtual meetings, customizable workspaces, virtual meeting room rentals, mail servers, cloud storage solutions.

Metarea VR
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Metarea VR Features

End To End Encryption

Ultra Low Latency

Audio Optimization Based On Your Connection Speed

Subscription Or On Premise Models

All-In-One Product

Video Optimization Based On Your Connection Speed

Market Analysis

Virtual workspace and communication solutions saw a rise of 300% within the last year.

Since the pandemic began, service providers within the industry were acquired by billion-dollar deals sealed by tech giants.

Bundled services are making a stronger case for themselves.

We create great Design

Metarea VR Token Utility

What will the Metarea VR token be used for?

Metarea VR token will be used as utility and payment token for the subscription and on premise usages.

Enterprise users will be able to hold and store Metarea VR tokens for their company subscribers

Metarea VR token will be used to rent meeting rooms, buy meeting and virtual workspace credits, rent offices and buy services

Metarea VR Roadmap

2021 - Q4
2022 - Q1

First DEX Listing

2 ICOs will be held. First batch of tokens will be supplied. First DEX listing on Pancakeswap (V2). Pre sealed CEX listing will be online. Last month of Q1 will see the 2nd CEX listing.
2022 Q2

Huge Reward

Blockchain coding starts. Metarea VR IDO, staking and blockhain structure that’ll lead metarea start. HUGE REWARD SEASON BEGINS.
2022 Q3

Alpha And Beta Tests

Alpha and beta tests for Metarea VR platform. Meetings and conferences will begin to be tested on metaverse.

Metarea VR, as well as being a metaverse blockchain project it’s also a fairly distributed token ecosystem. These 3 main principals are valid for all of your transactions.


4% will be distributed to holders in USDT for ALL of your transactions.

LP Acquisition

4% of every transaction will be automatically added to the LP


4% of every transaction will be collected on Metarea VR Marketing Wallet and will be used for marketing purposes only.

Metarea VR Tokenomics

  • Total Supply 100.000.000
  • Pre-sale 22.500.000 (22,50%)
  • Private sale 2.000.000 (2,00%)
  • Team 10.000.000 (10,00%)
  • Marketing 24.500.000 (24,50%)
  • Project 21.000.000 (21,00%)
  • Listing & Ecosystem Rewards 20.000.000 (20,00%)
  • Pre-sale 22,50%
  • Private sale 2,00%
  • Team 10%
  • Marketing 24,50%
  • Project 21,00%
  • Listing & Rewards 20,00%

The modern humanity spends most of the day at work and metaverse is revolutionizing the business world.

As we all cut our ties with offline offices, we are all looking for new spaces to make us feel alive and comfortable. Metarea VR creates all-in-one metaverse workspace solution for everybody.

Join us on this journey to the metaverse workspace revolution!

Adam Smith – CEO

Spent many years in law school focusing on becoming software and copyright lawyer. He is one of the pioneers of this booming area. He then followed his dream of learning how to code since he was already massively deep in this particular industry. This unique combination of software developer & coder has enriched his vision to become a digital entrepreneur. Since the pandemic began, the transformation in work and everything related to it was so obvious, he couldn’t have passed on this opportunity. This is how Metarea VR was born in experienced hands, supported by a dedicated crew.

Metarea VR’s vision is to make this new and exciting universe more accessible and profitable for everyone by adopting the digital revolution. – CEO

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